Customer Service

At Cherished Kid we have a team of very qualified people that will be able to help you with any question, issue or concern that you may have about your product.


We know how strong our products are. That is why we offer a
6 month warranty to every Cherished Kid Customer.

No question’s asked! It’s a promise!

Free Shipping

Cherished Kid is offering safe and affordable shipping to all its clients in United States! Free, Fast and Efficient delivery to your front door. Can’t get any better!

New Products


Who are We?

Cherished Kid is a family owned and operated company offering first-rate children’s products and exceptional customer service to shoppers from the comfort of their own homes.

We’re a business made up of innovators with the drive and wherewithal to deliver products that are meant to help you create lasting memories with the ones you care about most.

We Offer:

• Lightning-fast shipping
• A+ customer service
• Product Satisfaction Guaranteed
• 90 Day Warranty – No questions asked


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